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Cooking pot charges devices with energy from heated water

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The PowerPot harnesses energy from heated water to power a multitude of electronic appliances.

Since mobile devices are used constantly throughout the day, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen innovative ways to keep them charged – from adapted rocking chairs to handbags. Continuing the trend, the PowerPot is now harnessing energy from heated water to power a multitude of electronic appliances. While the PowerPot takes the form of most standard travel cooking pots, it also features a thermo-electric differential transducer – electronics that harness the energy of the changing temperatures of the pot. This energy is then converted into electricity to power devices such as phones, cameras, lights, radios or water purifiers. However, the pot still works to heat water and the two tasks can be carried out at the same time. The PowerPot would be useful for backpackers – reducing the need to carry extra equipment to charge devices – but also for emergency and humanitarian workers operating in rural areas. The following video shows the pot in action: The PowerPot retails at USD 149, or customers can donate one to a needy person starting at USD 1. Are there other ways to harness energy for electricity, especially in regions with little resources? Spotted by: Matthew Traver



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