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Foot-pumped power for phones at summer music festival

Telecoms & Mobile

For the hordes of people camping out at music festivals this summer, recharging their mobile phones no longer has to be an issue. If they have access to an Orange Power Pump, a minute of physical exercise is all it takes to juice up their phone. Mobile network operator Orange has teamed up with renewable energy experts GotWind, who have created a tiny wind turbine that can be hooked up to a standard airbed footpump, enabling users to pump juice back into their phones. The turbine is no bigger than a pack of wet wipes, and can generate enough energy to power 5 minutes of call time in about 60 seconds of foot pumping. The Power Pump will make its debut at Glastonbury Festival next week, where Orange will also set up its annual “Chill ‘n’ Charge” tent, capable of charging up to 600 phones at once. Orange seems to have found its calling in providing alternative sources of energy to phone users at music festivals—last year we featured their wind-powered charging station and dance-charger, both of which were also developed by GotWind. Makes sense, of course—music festivals are prime venues for providing so-called brand butler services. By helping out consumers in relevant ways, brands boost their own appeal. And good thinking on incorporating a standard piece of camping equipment. Lets just hope the chargers will be re-used for other festivals and camping trips; manufacturing alternative power generators is far from green if they’re only used once or twice. 😉


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