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Press-on eye shadow kits

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It’s not every day an innovation comes along that fundamentally changes the way consumers use a product, but colorOn and Eye Majic both appear to be achieving that feat with press-on eye shadow kits. Applying traditional eye shadow well requires considerable skill, time and expertise with brushes, sponges or other applicators. Matching colours can also be tricky, and eye shadow cakes are prone to crumbling and spilling, leaving consumers with the potential for a mess. These new press-on eye shadow kits, on the other hand, allow consumers to instantly apply professionally created eye-shadow designs without applicators or mess. Each single-use kit is applied to the eyelid using a preprepared strip that contains a variety of matched and blended colours. Pressing the strip to the eyelid transfers the colours onto the eyelid in just the right shades, creating a look much like one a professional make-up artist might have created. ColorOn, from Florida-based World Cosmetics, is available in a variety of colour schemes priced at USD 18 for a set of 5, or USD 30 for 10. Eight colour schemes are available—one even simulates animal prints, with zebra and leopard designs—along with a 10-pack of best-sellers. The products are available through select retailers or directly online. Australian Majic Beauty’s Eye Majic, meanwhile, offers 12 colour combinations through select retailers worldwide. A 10-pack through US-based Home Shopping Network, for example, costs USD 19.95. Distributors are still few and far between for both of these—one to get in on early if you’re in retail or cosmetics. Websites: Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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