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Group camping trips, arranged on private land

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Group camping trips can be difficult to arrange, thanks in large part to noise restrictions and other prohibitive rules often employed by public (and typically crowded) campgrounds. That’s where the UK-based Private Camping Company comes in. With a network of farmers and landowners, the company negotiates access to private land and uses those sites to host short-term camping vacations. Based in England’s Lake District, the Private Camping Company works with local farmers and landowners willing to rent small, secluded areas of their land for short-term private camping pitches. UK planning regulations allow such landowners 28 days of “permitted development” per year in which they can use their land for nearly any temporary purpose without needing to apply for planning permission. Using land rented out in that way, then, the company provides and sets up temporary campsite facilities — equipped with water, toilets, hot showers, waste disposal, etc. — and then completely removes them afterwards, leaving the land just as they found it. Prices vary depending on the location and the required facilities, but for a group of 10 it would be roughly GBP 50 per person for a two-night weekend stay. Regular Springwise readers already know that sellsumers are increasingly interested in monetizing the assets they have, and it seems likely landowners are no exception. By facilitating that process — and solving a real problem for the camping-minded masses — the Private Camping Company has found what could be a lovely niche with benefits for everyone involved. One to partner with or emulate in the verdant hills and dales near you? (Related: Peer-to-peer camping grounds: renting out the back yardFarm camping in cottage-style tents (private chicken coops optional)Campsite directory with a fresh pitchSustainable urban campground to be crowd-funded & managed‘Try before you buy’ service for first-time campers.)



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