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Problem-solving platform brings the gig economy to creativity

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Solverboard is an innovation platform that enables businesses with a problem or challenge to connect with individuals with a solution.

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The internet is exceptional at bringing together people who would otherwise likely never connect, whether for love, gaming or even mastermind teams. Now Solverboard is an innovation platform that lets businesses with a problem or challenge to connect with individuals with a solution.

To begin, users set challenges to the network. It can be anything from a food packaging design task to coming up with an innovative way to encourage children to read. The challenger creates a page, detailing all the information about the task, including the deadline and any rewards — monetary or otherwise. Then solvers post solutions and the challenger reviews them all, scoring them according to a chosen criteria. Finally, the challenger selects their favorite and pays the solver for their intellectual property rights. Payment can be anything from USD 500 to an internship or royalties.


Solverboard operates similarly to another Springwise sighting, which enables businesses to source solutions from students. While this one has clear benefits for the students by showcasing their work to potential employees, Solverboard perhaps falls somewhat outside the realms of mutual benefit, and is clearly more advantageous for the business than the contributors.

Is there a way for businesses to tap into the gig economy in a more sustainable way?



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