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Recently launched is a community-based website for product recommendations. Or, in terms a Valley Girl would be more likely to grasp, a popularity contest for beautiful things. Members can submit short reviews of desirable goods, with a link to where the item can be purchased. If enough other members like totally love it, the product is promoted to the front page, where it’s exposed to a wider audience. With a voting system that’s very similar to that of popular news ranking website Digg, the website can be viewed as an online, user-controlled version of shopping magazines like Lucky and Domino. Products categories include fashion, food and furniture, featuring everything from the “Lookin’ Good For Jesus Mini Kit” to such obvious favourites as Apple’s MacBook Pro. Still in beta mode, the website was founded by four German students, who plan to launch a German variant once they’ve added a few more features to the English one. Contact them to create your own local versions of, in return for a cut of the advertising revenue and referral commissions? Segmented versions would also make sense: products on a tween’s hotlist won’t necessarily line up with a thirty-something’s objects of desire. And, last but not least, the killer app would be to group users’ intentions to buy a product, and then use their crowd clout to negotiate a bulk discount. Spotted by: Cathe Huynh-Sison



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