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Productivity platform crawls the web for new leads

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Leadfuze is a sales plugin that automatically generates new leads and manages prospecting emails.

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We have seen numerous platforms, such as Reply and Woodpecker, which automate customized prospect emailing so that companies can send more emails without sacrificing a personal tone. What sets LeadFuze apart is the plugin’s ability to automatically generate leads and promising prospects.

To begin, companies download the Chrome extension and integrate it with their mail system. LeadFuze then crawls the web and its third party data providers to identify potential B2B email addresses. The platform will attempt to verify that an inbox exists for any given domain, and give the address a confidence score if it can. Companies are only charged for emails sent to verified addresses. Clients can then use the all-in-one platform to automate personalized emails, manage follow-ups and monitor its email campaigns via reports.

After a free trial, companies can subscribe to one of three packages dependent on their needs, which start at USD 125 per month for up to 200 emails per day. Are there other features that could improve prospecting services?



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