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Project to make politics green, by getting environmentalists to vote


The Environmental Voting Project plans to politicize 15 million existing environmentalists, to dramatically improve green voter turnout.

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Despite increasingly strong environmental attitudes among US citizens, polls consistently show that eco-friendly policies are a low priority for voters, and therefore politicians. In the recent nation-wide election over 15 million identifiable environmentalists failed to vote. Now, the Environmental Voter Project aims to change that, by politicizing existing environmentalists and dramatically improving green voter turnout.

The Environmental Voter Project is a non-profit startup which aims to find and engage green voters so as to increase the demand for progressive environmental policy. It will use a combination of social network incentives, big-data analytics, predictive modeling, and voter mobilization tools.

Political campaigns usually only target reliable voters, as doing so is more efficient, and reaching out to non-voters will cause their concerns to show up in polls. The Environmental Voter Project is a non-partisan organization, so it won’t endorse individual candidates or attempt to influence specific elections — it focuses instead on shifting the long-term political landscape towards environmental policies.

Are there other disengaged voters who could be politicized in this way?



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