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Public garden urinals in Paris turn pee into fertilizer


In Paris, uncivilized activity is turned into an eco-friendly contribution which helps to maintain the city’s public greenery.

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The public urinal has been the subject of some interesting modernisation. Amongst a host of other toilet-focused innovations, we have looked at two particularly interesting ideas. These Rio-based urinals use pee to generate electricity to play music, thus encouraging partygoers to use them, and these public urinals in the Netherlands collect urine with the aim of turning it into public fertiliser for their plants. In Paris, the Uritrottoir is the latest attempt to put waste from urinals to good use.

Recently installed at the Gare de Lyon, Uritrottoir is designed to solve the problem of public peeing. A longstanding issue in Paris, public peeing leaves an unpleasant smell and has high cleanup costs. Uritrottoir offers an innovative circular solution which contributes to the city’s greenery as well. Filled with straw or wood chips to absorb the liquid, which also dramatically reduce the smell, the contents can later be turned into a natural fertilizer and used in public parks or gardens.

Is there a similar solution for the dog mess that litters Parisian streets?




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