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Procurement app alerts Scottish businesses to public sector opportunities


Governments have been relatively quick to launch apps for interacting with consumers — targeting civic complaints, for example — but such apps outnumber by far those aimed at businesses. That’s why we were interested to see Scotland’s new app for alerting domestic businesses to public sector contract opportunities. The new procurement app was launched just last month by Public Contract Scotland (PCS), the Scottish government’s flagship purchasing portal, as a way to notify businesses when new contract opportunities arise in the public sector. That’s a market that’s worth GBP 9 billion annually, PCS says, and now businesses large and small can use the app on their iPhones or iPads to access contract notices as they are posted; versions for other mobile phones are coming soon. Not only does the app allow users to access information more quickly and easily than by browsing on the mobile web, but it also provides the ability to search notices by category, commodity and date. The PCS app is now available for free download on iTunes. After years of opacity and labyrinthine processes, it’s heartening to see governments opening up and simplifying through the use of mobile technologies. Other governments around the world: how can you improve efficiency, relations and communication with the local businesses you rely on? (Related: Mobile app service delivers location-based disaster alertsFellowship recruits tech talent to transform city governmentsGeo-targeted messaging with a public services twist.) Spotted by: Ken Green



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