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Publisher's new imprint is greener, inside and out

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UK book publisher Dorling Kindersley has created an imprint that aims to ‘green’ an industry whose dependence on dead trees doesn’t necessarily make it an eco frontrunner. So far, four titles have been released under the company’s Made With Care brand. All deal with eco-aware topics such, including green baby care and organic gardening. In keeping with their subject matter, Made With Care books are published in a strictly eco-friendly manner. The paper comes from forests certified to be managed in a sustainable fashion. The paper mill recycles 91 percent of the water it uses, and the books are printed—using non-petroleum-based inks—at a plant that has cut its carbon emissions by more than half and produces its own electricity. Combined, the efforts contribute to the books’ perceived value. Other companies tout their own efforts to become carbon neutral or describe the greening of their supply chains in detail. But DK personifies that message by making it an integral part of this product line. And therein lies a lesson for entrepreneurs: make sure that your environmental strategy isn’t just fodder for press releases, but is embodied and projected by the products you sell. For in-depth coverage of three leading trends for taking an even greener approach to business, check out’s free briefing on eco-iconic, eco-embedded & eco-boosters. Spotted by: Flemming Birch



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