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Techmate offers a subscription service for unlimited tech repairs, set up, and training.

Today, the average home has six connected devices and that number is expected to triple by 2020. Technology is spreading across the house and into things like the thermostat, door locks, garage opener, and smoke alarms. With an ecosystem of connected devices that need to be supported, Techmate allows subscribers to book in-person technical support whenever they need it.

Once subscribed, users schedule an appointment a technician will advise them on how to make their existing technology run smoothly, and how to use tech to improve their lives. The startup claims to be for everyone from “retired baby boomers to busy working parents” and differentiate themselves from competitors by offering 75 percent of their support in person. The subscription service gives clients access to unlimited support by phone or chat and the possibility of more in-depth assistance by appointment. The company has also brought out a button, much like the Amazon Dash, for users to give to family members who need regular support. When pushed, the button uses the contact information programmed into it to call the troubled family member directly, and offer tech support over the phone.

Techmate’s mission is to make technology “accessible to every single person, regardless of knowledge or skills,” and they pledge to get the problem fixed on their first visit. Subscriptions are USD 20 per month. At launch, the product will be available to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Could this service be adapted for offices?



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