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QR code stamps let senders attach video content to physical mail

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The Video Stamp enables consumers to attach a recorded video message to the physical envelopes they send.

Croatia’s Hrvatska Pošta scheme has already leveraged QR codes on stamps to help the country’s postal service track the whereabouts of mail. Now the Australia Post is making the technology useful for consumers, enabling them to attach a recorded video message to the physical envelopes they send through the Video Stamp.

Rather than simply using a traditional stamp, the postal service is offering special editions which have a unique QR code printed on them for free, to those sending mail via the company’s Express Post or Express Courier International service. An instruction card invites customers to scan the code using the Video Stamp app, which is free to download for iOS and Android users. This links their smartphone with the QR code on the stamp, which can then be peeled off and attached to the package. Customers then have 12 hours to record the message they want the person on the other end to see. When the recipient scans the stamp, they can watch the video made by the sender. The video below explains how the scheme works:

Matching digital with offline communication, the Video Stamp service adds an extra engaging and personal element to sending items through the post, just in time for Christmas. In what other ways could business attach video content to their mailed goods?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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