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Quirky British tearoom develops inhalable tea

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Breathable tea, created by Camellia's Tea House in the UK, is now enabling tea lovers to experience their favorite drink in a new way.

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While alcoholic beverages have been inhalable since the invention of the somewhat controversial Vaportini, a less intoxicating version created by Camellia’s Tea House in the UK is now enabling tea lovers to experience their favorite drink in a new way.

Located on London’s famous Carnaby Street, the tearoom is known for its speciality blends and herbal infusions, offering something different for more adventurous tea drinkers. Its Breathable Tea Room was demonstrated at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular 2013, where a number of its blends were vaporized and served up as a smoky gas, which visitors could inhale the beverage through a straw. As well as providing a new experience for the tea drinker, the innovation could help avoid burned tongues. Although tea isn’t the most calorific beverage around, the vaporized version comes in at 0 calories and could deliver the drink’s antioxidant properties more quickly into the bloodstream.

Although it hasn’t made the menu at Camellia’s Tea House quite yet, consumers could soon be enjoying breathable tea on the high street. Could other beverages be given the vaporized treatment?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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