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Radio station only plays on New York's Williamsburg Bridge


W.B.B.R is a radio station made specifically for New Yorkers struggling over the Williamsburg Bridge, and that's the only place they can hear it.

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As every runner or cyclist knows, upbeat, motivational music can be essential to getting through the most challenging moments of a journey. Now, W.B.B.R is a radio station designed specifically for New Yorkers struggling over the Williamsburg Bridge — that is also the only place where listeners can tune in from.

The station was created by ad agency Sid Lee as a promotional tool for Brooklyn-based record label UNO!. Listeners first download a free smartphone app which uses GPS to detect their location. Then, whenever they approach the bridge, the app automatically plays an upbeat song to motivate listeners as they climb up, followed by a more chilled out track for their descent. The tracks change daily but are all chosen by UNO! from the pool of artists on the label.


We have already seen a Swedish band whose album pre-release will only play when the user is in the woods. Could other forms of art and entertainment — podcasts, perhaps? — use smartphones’ location capabilities to promote content by enhancing the listener’s experience?



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