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Raising nearly USD 2m on Kickstarter, Sense could be the ultimate sleeping monitor

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Sense enables owners to track their entire sleeping environment to help them get better quality shut-eye.

Apps and devices that monitor users’ sleep are nothing new, and we’ve even seen smart lamps that activate gradually according to the sleep phases of those in the room. Now Sense enables owners to track their entire sleeping environment to help them get better quality shut-eye.

The average person is getting less sleep in today’s always-on world, and yet we still spend a huge chunk of our lives in bed. The Sense kit comes in 3 parts — the stylish orb-like Sense device that sits on the bedside table, a small Sleep Pill that attaches to a pillow, and the Sense app. The Sleep Pill monitors sleep in much the same way as other smartphone-based trackers, using sensors to determine light and deep sleep phases. The bedside device however offers the added function of detecting the various conditions of the room — ambient light, noise, temperature, humidity, and even the presence of allergens in the air. In the morning, the app combines its collected data into a score out of 100 to give users an idea of the quality of sleep they got. This score can be broken down into a more detailed overview that might show how a loud noise at 3am affected their sleep phase or whether the room could be made darker by turning off devices.

As well as giving users insight into ways they can change the quality of their sleeping environment, Sense can be used as an intelligent alarm clock based on real-time sleep phase data, or to lull owners to sleep with calming sounds and ambient lighting.

Watch the video below to find out more about the device:

Although the Kickstarter campaign runs until 22 August, the team behind Sense has already raised over USD 1,900,000 — nearly 20 times more than its initial target of USD 100,000. The Sense and Sleep Pill kit can be pre-ordered through the crowdfunding site for the special price of USD 99. Are there other devices that can monitor the local environment to improve productivity or health?




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