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Reading glasses for baby boomers

Fashion & Beauty

Readerwear is a specialty retailer in Vancouver that sells hundreds of fashion forward, ready-to-wear reading glasses, which are a far cry from the inexpensive but unstylish varieties found in drugstores and department stores. “We recognized that today’s baby boomer wasn’t satisfied with the usual selection of reading glasses — they wanted more choice and more style, without having to pay a few hundred dollars for prescription glasses,” says the company, which also sells a limited range via their online store. Readerwear offers inexpensive yet high quality fashionable eyewear in up to 60 different styles in each diopter, compared to the handful of styles normally offered by drugstores. By appealing to baby boomers’ need to look as young as they feel, Readerwear is tapping into a growing niche market. Repeat after us: there isn’t a product, service or experience that cannot be optimized for boomers. What’s your industry’s equivalent of Readerwear?


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