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Ready to assemble, no tools needed | Update


Everything can be upgraded, even the incredibly easy to assemble furniture that we covered last year. The Simple Furniture Company launched its latest brand last week, and it’s an upmarket version of Real Simple Furniture. InModern‘s design is sleeker and more sculptural, with upgraded prices to match (USD 249 for an RSF desk; USD 400 for an InModern desk). Design aside, the premise remains the same: no tools needed to assemble or disassemble the furniture. The pieces are made of real wood, not particle board, and the wood comes from certified environmentally responsible forestry. Everything is manufactured and assembled in the United States. We still like the idea of eco-friendly, real simple furniture, and we look forward to hearing from entrepreneurs setting up their own local versions. Come to think of it, click-and-go furniture would be an ideal match for EvolvingVox, the ‘temporary ownership network’ that furnishes student dorm rooms. Perfect for temporary use, since flat-packable furniture significantly reduces storage space when items aren’t in use.



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