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Real-time translator could be the end of awkward foreign language interactions

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SIGMO is small speaker that automatically translates up to 25 languages in real time.

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Regular readers of Springwise may remember the ELSA – a device designed for emergency services to enable real-time translation calls with a remote interpreter in cases where they had to deal with foreign citizens. Now SIGMO is small speaker that automatically translates up to 25 languages in real time.

The device – which is small enough to hold in between two fingers – is connected to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. It also comes with an app that uses voice recognition software to convert spoken sentences into text, translate them using a service such as Google Translate, then convert them back into sound using a natural speech simulator. When the device is connected, users simply say a phrase into the device and get an instant translation in the language they’ve set on their smartphone. The video below offers a demonstration of the SIGMO:

The SIGMO – which recently reached its funding target on Indiegogo – is currently available to pre-order for USD 50, although its evident that the system will have its limitations. The device could be useful for tourists wanting to ask native residents simple questions, but a more developed version could provide real-time conversation translations for both business and social scenarios. Are there other ways to bridge the gap between different cultures using technology?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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