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Really super-fast pizza


If you want to revolutionize your industry, how about making the rules of the game more mobile? Super Fast Pizza operates out of delivery vans decked out with professional kitchens, leaving 30 seconds between a hot pizza and front doors.

Wisconsin’s Super Fast Pizza* has finally figured out how to deliver piping hot pizzas within 15 minutes. The secret? High-tech mobile kitchen vans, officially licensed as restaurants, are outfitted with custom ovens that can cook pizzas at 600 degrees. Fully powered and wifi-enabled, Super Fast Pizza’s kitchens on wheels take orders and cook pizzas while on their way to customers. To save time and make the best of the limited cooking space, all processes have been standardized: the menu only offers the seven most popular pizzas (think deluxe, sausage, sausage and pepperoni, five-cheese, four-meat, pepperoni, veggie, and a pizza of the month), all pizzas are uncut and medium sized, and all cost USD 10.99. Online ordering is encouraged. Super Fast Pizza is doing well, and is actively seeking investors to roll out the business as fast as possible. Yum!


Repeat after us: no business is immune to creative destruction. Super Fast Pizza challenges one of its own industry’s ‘natural laws’, in this case the notion that preparation of product needs to take place in a fixed location. How many other businesses would benefit from shortening or deleting production-to-delivery times? Could your company benefit from combining delivery with production, whether in vans, on trains, planes or container ships? Floating factories anyone? Get a bottle of red wine, scribble ‘Instant Gratification’ on a white wall, and off you go! * Note: Super Fast Pizza seems to have disappeared from the Wisconsin delivery scene. Know what happened to the promising venture? Leave a comment!




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