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Recyclable, 3D-printed urban cabin for rent in Amsterdam

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Designed by Dutch architects DUS and available for short-term stays, the micro-cabin is made from linseed oil-based, 3D-printed bio-plastic.

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Part of Amsterdam-based DUS architects’ work on disaster relief housing, the micro-cabin is now available for short term stays. Located in a former industrial area of Amsterdam, the cabin and outdoor bathtub are 3D printed using sustainable, recyclable bio-plastic. The cabin has a small porch, and the foldable bed provides seating during the day.

The angular shape of the cabin gives structural stability as well as visual interest, and the color is a result of the linseed oil used in the bio-plastic. The DUS team says it is continuing to expand its work in compact living space and 3D printing possibilities. The cabin will eventually be shredded and the material reused.

Making compact living comfortable involves smart designs, inside and out. Sliding furniture is one solution, as is the use of Lego-shaped building blocks for quick builds. How could sustainable, compact spaces be scaled-up for business use?



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