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Hydrogen fuel | Photo source Juan Fernandez on Unsplash

Recyclable liquid fuel is made from hydrogen

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A new form of fuel comprises of 60 percent water and offers an emission-free alternative to burning fossil fuels.

Transport has undergone big changes in recent years to optimise its process both in terms of sustainability and efficiency. From the first electric urban car in Denmark to a hydrogen-powered train, finding new ways to power transport has resulted in various innovative uses of modern technology. A breakthrough from an Israeli-Australian company has lead to the creation of a brand new form of fuel that could bring huge advantages to the industry.

Electriq Global has found a way of stabilising hydrogen as a fuel, creating a recyclable liquid that can function in the same way as traditional petrol. It provides twice the range with half the amount of fuel. Straight hydrogen is inefficient and unwieldy as a fuel source. This is due to it requiring large amounts of energy to produce and having a high risk of blowing up.

The fuel is 60 percent water, which contributes to the stabilising of the hydrogen element, making up just 3 percent of the liquid. It produces zero emissions, offering an alternative for those looking to move away from petrol and diesel. Acting just like traditional fuel in terms of transportation and pumping, this hydrogen fuel does not require new infrastructure in service stations. The only addition to current car models is the implementation of a special fuel cell. This converts the hydrogen fuel into electric energy.

Electriq Global’s fuel is also completely recyclable. Spent fuel collected during refuelling at filling stations can be sent back to the plant. The 97 percent of components aside from hydrogen can then produce more fuel and greatly improve production efficiency.



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