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Compost service for businesses, with collection via pedal power

Mobility & Transport

What’s even greener than a service like Eco Scraps, which collects compostable goods for local Utah businesses? Why, that would be one that performs a similar service using pedal power instead. Now serving downtown businesses in the greater Victoria, British Columbia, area, reCYCLISTS collects food waste in 48-liter bins for conversion into compost. Through the project, which is run in partnership with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, participating businesses’ organic refuse is picked up using a three-wheeled bicycle with an attached box capable of holding up to 136 kg, according to a report in the Globe and 
Mail. From there, it is transported to a collection facility and later converted into compost for resale. Launched in September, the service is priced starting at CAD 15 per month for monthly pickup. Given all the pedal-powered efforts we’ve seen — from taxis to cargo delivery to weekly soup service — it seems safe to say that the time is fast approaching when green-minded businesses aren’t entirely green if they still rely on petroleum for transportation. Waste management entrepreneurs around the globe: one to emulate as soon as possible! (Related: Compost service for urbanites, with soil in return.) Spotted by: Chris Abra



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