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With more and more businesses using referral rewards to attract new customers, a new business has jumped in to help consumers cash in on the system. As explained by MutualWin: millions of dollars worth of referral deals are wasted each year due to the difficulty of finding and earning this ‘free’ money. By helping referral givers and seekers find each other, otherwise worthless referral deals are turned to cash. How it works? Consumers post any type of offer on MutualWin. Other people, looking for a new gym, apartment or cell phone plan, search the available offers by zip code, product category, or even by street. If the searcher finds the offer they’re looking for, they connect with the posting party via e-mail and arrange to split the proceeds. Referral opportunities range from a USD 100 cell phone referral deal, to a USD 300 cruise ship bonus. And anyone can help build the system by posting advertised referral offers on MutualWin’s bulletin board, even if they don’t stand to profit from the deal. Creating a source of revenue for MutualWin, posters can also claim a referral offer for 14 or 30 days; for a nominal fee of USD 5-8, this makes the offer exclusively theirs. Great example of an entrepreneur creating a business by making information available to consumers who want it. Low start-up costs, high community factor. How web 2.0! Now, if only they would make their website look slightly more enticing…


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