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Keyless entry system creates a new code for each Airbnb guest

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Parakeet enables hosts to manage and monitor their rental properties remotely via a cloud-based dashboard and keyless entrance system.

Many of the hosts on Airbnb are vacation property managers with multiple lettings, and we have seen a number of startups offering management platforms and services that enable them to optimize their sub-letting business. One platform lets users automate their pricing to maximize bookings, while another provides rental assistants who will check-in guests on behalf of busy hosts. Now, Parakeet is a platform that enables hosts to manage and monitor their property remotely via a cloud-based dashboard and keyless entrance system.


The Parakeet system can control locks, garage doors and thermostats remotely, enabling hosts to let their guests in securely without needing to be there in person — this means that they can offer more flexible check-ins and check-outs. To begin, users connect their Airbnb account to their Parakeet system. Then, whenever a booking is made, Parakeet will automatically generate a disposable electronic key code and program the locks to match. Next, the code is sent to the guest prior to their visit and they can use it to let themselves in, whenever it is convenient. The host can keep an eye on the whole process via their smartphone or desktop.

Parakeet also offers temperature and flood sensors, so the host can monitor their properties during lettings. Could similar keyless entrance systems be used for other buildings with changing occupants — such as co-working spaces?



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