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Remote wardrobe service for travelling luggage-free

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Door-to-door luggage delivery services have been sprouting up around the world (see Personal Porter, Luggage Forward, Virtual Bellhop), helping air travellers avoid the hassles of waits at baggage carousels, searches by security staff and lost luggage. Newcomer FlyLite takes the concept a few steps further. The company not only picks up and delivers a member’s bag, but also packs it, dry cleans the contents and keeps everything in storage until the customer’s next flight. How it works? Customers receive a suitcase from FlyLite, which they pack with their favourite travelling gear, from suits and shoes to golf clubs and toiletries. FlyLite then collects the bag and stores the contents. A full inventory is made and placed online, allowing users to browse through their wardrobe and select what they’ll need for their next trip, using a simple drag and drop interface. After they’ve entered their destination and arrival date, FlyLite takes care of the rest. Leaving customers to zip through airports, fly blissfully luggage-free, and find their suitcases waiting for them at their destination, without having to worry about clean socks or packing. It’s a life-smoothing service for consumers who have more money than time, and are willing to pay well for what has suggestively dubbed daily lubricants. The service costs USD 100 – 200 per trip and is currently only available in the United States. Which leaves plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs in other countries and on other continents. One to start up in travel hubs across the world, from London to Singapore.



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