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Rental scheme analyzes customer location and offers an electric car, bike or bus accordingly


Project 100 is a rental scheme based around an app that aims to replace customers' cars as their main form of transportation.

While we’ve previously seen an attempt to connect drivers with shared electric cars, this new initiative from Downtown Project is pairing a variety of transport options with eco concerns. Specifically, their Project 100 scheme will include a fleet of 100 Tesla Model S electric cars for use by anyone who pays a monthly subscription fee. The offer is flexible, so customers can hire just a car, a car and driver, a bike, or a lift on a shuttle bus. Users simply log on to the Project 100 app and type in their location and the app reveals the nearest travel option available. The team’s aim is for customers to get rid of their cars and replace them with the Project 100 service. To ensure reliability the founders have guaranteed that a vehicle will be at the customer’s location within 10 minutes of their request through the app. The different transportation options are meant to correlate with the distance the customer wants to travel – for example, a customer living in the outer suburbs of Las Vegas who is travelling into the city center may be offered a Tesla car, whereas a customer looking to travel a short distance may find that a bike suits their needs better. It all depends on the customer’s location in relation to the nearest transport option. Pricing is still a little vague as the company has only just entered the beta testing stage but current estimates stand at USD 400 a month. will be The company has ambitious plans for their fleet of vehicles, with the eventual aim of incorporating technology into all their modes of transport to make the process more intuitive and personalized for each customer. While the project is in its beta stages the area the transport covers is confined to Las Vegas, but if it proves popular the company may well expand to include surrounding cities. Transportation entrepreneurs – could this be a chance to form a partnership at this early stage in the startup’s life?



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