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Dutch Rent-a-Garden has come up with the perfect solution for garden owners in need of a quick garden fix, whether for their own pleasure, or to make a house sell more easily. The company offers a wide range of potted plants and outdoor sculpture. After discussing a client’s needs and wishes, Rent-a-Garden draws up a plan and takes care of all details and installation. Pricing ranges from EUR 300 for a makeover lasting 3 months, including upkeep. Akin to changing a home’s outdoor wardrobe, customers can switch their garden, patio or roof-terrace’s look with every season. Sounds like the perfect solution for transumers – those consumers who have moved beyond the fixed and move from one temporary experience to the other, doing away with the hassle of ownership and maintenance. When it comes down to selling their house, non-transumers will no doubt be interested, too. A transformed, upgraded garden attracts more buyers, who have the option of buying the plants and sculpture from Rent-a-Garden. A similar concept in Australia, operating under the same name, provides instant gardens for home sales, weddings and events.



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