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REPORT: Future of the Home

We’ve joined forces with the Swedish home lift company Aritco to reveal the top 18 innovations that we can expect to see in our homes in 2021 and beyond. But the 36-page ‘Future of the Home’ report goes beyond just the latest emerging tech innovations and presents an insightful view of how our lives at home might be shifting in light of the pandemic.

“For many of us, seeing the back of 2020 can’t come too soon” according to David Schill, Aritco’s Marketing Director. “We see design and innovation as a crucial tool to moving forward. So we commissioned this deep-dive into the global innovations that will be shaping how we live in our homes safely and comfortably, without sacrificing style or design.”

This report explores the future of the home through the lens of consumers and the innovators working to meet their evolving needs. In particular, how a desire for well-designed hygienic, calming, and purpose-driven solutions are reimagining the home, and how the home ecosystem is changing to incorporate all facets of daily life.