Innovation That Matters

Report: Future of the Sustainable Home and Office

For the second year in a row we have teamed up with Aritco to explore the macro events and shifts affecting the way we live and work.

The Future of the Sustainable Home and Office—the second in a series of reports—highlights twenty innovations that serve as a practical guide for moving towards net zero and circular ways of living and working.

The message is clear: from 15-minute cities to reinventing materials, global innovations are powering the rapid evolution of the home and office, as well as the ways we’ll live and work sustainably post-pandemic.

The innovative new technology we feature includes:

– A furniture collection made from waste cork

– A self-powered home that also acts as a power station

– A non-toxic, bio-inspired surface cleaner that repels sticky dirt leading to fewer toilet flushes

– Eco-friendly textiles made from castor beans

– High-quality remanufactured office furniture that saves money and carbon emissions

– A 3D-printed lamp made from orange peel

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