Innovation That Matters

Report: The Earthshot Prize WINNERS 2022

At a star-studded event in Boston this December, The Earthshot Prize awarded five of 15 finalists with £1m each to develop their planet-forward innovations. These solutions highlight the human capacity for problem-solving in a world where we are presented with deep challenges and are a shining example of how we can protect, restore and repair our planet in the future.

Winning solutions include stoves that drive cleaner air, a greenhouse-in-a-box concept that enhances the livelihood of farmers, a knowledge-sharing organisation that is helping to regenerate oceans, a company looking to make packaging from compostable seaweed and a startup that is helping us to store carbon dioxide underground.

As nominating and storytelling partner for The Earthshot Prize, Springwise is proud to bring you an in-depth look at the five winners and how they are building a better world up to 2030 and beyond.