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Researchers create cubes to monitor workers' wellbeing

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The cubes aim to increase energy efficiency in the workplace by collecting and analysing data in real time

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Spotted: Researchers at Australia’s Deakin University have created a smart cube that monitors workers’ wellbeing. Cube Comfort Monitors (also known as ‘Baby Cubes’ due to their size) contain sensors that measure conditions in the workplace.

The cubes are small enough to sit on a standard desk. Data on room temperature, humidity, light intensity, light temperature, sound levels and air quality indicators like CO2 and volatile organic compounds, is transmitted to a cloud-based server in real time. The information is then analysed to reveal problem areas within the room. Office managers can use the information to adjust room temperature or other issues based on workers’ needs.

The university plans to commercialise the cubes later this year, following an on campus pilot programme.




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