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Retail space helps brands collaborate


We’ve written about brand spaces, pop-up stores and retail spaces for minipreneurs, but it wasn’t until recently that we came across a retail space that borrows a bit of each concept in its quest to foster collaboration among brands. That, however, is just what Urban Outfitters has done with Space 15 Twenty, a new retail experiment launched earlier this month in Hollywood. Named for its address on Hollywood’s Cahuenga Blvd., Space 15 Twenty is designed to create opportunities for Urban Outfitters to collaborate with other creative brands. Multiple stores make up the space in addition to Urban Outfitters’ own, and they will host a rotating selection of complementary brands. Current tenants, for example, include streetwear vendor Alife, vintage-focused What Comes Around Goes Around, book purveyor Hennessey & Ingalls, Brooklyn designer Samantha Pleet and Philadelphia-based eatery Snack Bar. A courtyard leads from each store to an outdoor performance space and adjoining gallery, both of which will feature a rotating cast of local musicians and artists. The 11,000-square-foot Urban Outfitters store itself, meanwhile, will feature one-off installations by a new designer every few months. Part retail, part pop-up, part eatery, gallery, entertainment and gathering place, Space 15 Twenty promises to offer a multidimensional experience that’s a far cry from the traditional mall and food court—and likely much more tempting to experience-seeking consumers. If you’re in retail, this is one to watch! (Great set of pictures at Kitsune Noir.) Spotted by: Chanelle Peyyk



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