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AR store experience

Retailer introduces in-store AR experience


A clothing retailer is introducing an AR experience to encourage retail customers into their stores.

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With the continued rise of online shopping, bricks-and-mortar retailers have had to become more innovative. To bring in customers, many bricks-and-mortar stores now offer a wide range of unique experiences while they shop. These stores have become entertainment destinations as well as shopping destinations. In the recent past, these experience-oriented innovations have ranged from allowing customers to purchase the tableware used in-store, to shopping in fully automated surroundings. Now fashion retailer Zara has announced plans to roll out an augmented reality experience in 120 of its flagship stores around the world.

Starting April 18, the experience will last for two weeks and will be available for all customers who have the Zara app on their phones. When users point their smartphone at signs in the store windows, or at in-store displays, models will come to life on-screen. Users will see the models walking around the store, wearing and talking about Zara’s Studio Collection. The clothing displayed in the AR experiences is available to purchase directly from the app, or in store. The app also encourages users to share photos of the holographic AR images on social media. New AR experiences will be added for the second week, to keep users engaged.

In addition to being used in stores, the app will also work when pointed at delivery boxes. This encourages customers who have ordered Zara clothing online to immediately consider new purchases. Zara is not the only retailer interested in bringing AR to its stores. Rival H&M recently announced that it will be investing in technology to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Will technology succeed in encouraging customers to spend more time shopping in-store?




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