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Rice Burgers & Bossa Nova Burgers

Food & Drink

From Japan, Australia and Brazil come alternatives to the traditional hamburger.

It’s not just pizza cornettos attacking hamburger and hot dog strongholds: make way for the Rice Burger! From Toowong Village Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Australia based And Rice Burgers (no website yet) to fast food giant Japanese MOS Burgers, rice patties are well positioned to replace their traditional counterparts, with flat cakes of baked rice taking on ‘normal’ buns. Will you be the first one to introduce rice burgers to your city or even better, country? Traditional burgers won’t give up that easily, though: São Paulo’s Lanchonete da Cidade is leading the way in a bossa nova burger revolution in Brazil, which (with all things retro and/or Brazilian still hot, hot, hot) should get any switched-on, tuned-in entrepreneur going. Don’t wait until Bossa Style takes over entertainment venues from Helsinki to Hong Kong, but be the first one to open up a bossa nova lounge or eatery in your city. It makes for a great excuse to do some field research in São Paulo 😉


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