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Ride sharing app provides Porsche chauffeur service

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A new on demand service allows users to choose to travel exclusively in Porsches around London.

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As car ride services become increasingly widespread, we have seen numerous innovations within this sphere. An example is the development of a method of data encryption. Encryption is specifically designed to protect the privacy of people using ride-sharing companies. Thanks to this cryptography the company is unable to access data regarding the locations of their riders. We have also seen the expansion of Uber to the point where it introduced fortnightly and monthly subscription options back in 2016. These subscriptions offered users unlimited rides with Uber during this time period. Gett has gone a step further, offering a unique service to its customers. With the ride service app users can specifically request a Porsche to take them to their destination.

The company has partnered up with Porsche to provide this bespoke service. Fares can be less than 28 USD, and the service is currently available for pick up in central London only. Users can be picked up at anytime from Wednesdays through to Sundays. All the drivers employed attend a training course at the Porsche Experience Centre, assuring customers of top quality. Customers also benefit from other luxuries. Users can choose the music they want to listen to and select the temperature levels in the car. In addition to this the cars are equipped with charging cables and water. Gett’s CEO, Matteo de Renzi, has said: “At Gett, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best experience, and we are delighted to be presenting them with this unique and exclusive opportunity to travel in style with Porsche”.

As ride services become more specialized and luxurious, perhaps this will one day negate the necessity of owning a car. With scope for much more personalisation and quality improvement, can on demand ride services play an increasingly bigger role in the future of transport?



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