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Ride-sharing app acts as throwback to traditional hitch-hiking

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Hitch-hiking has modernised with a technological face to help people travel long distances with ease.

Various innovations have sought to revolutionise transport methods. From location-based ads on ride-share car windows to radars that help self-driving cars, Springwise has followed explorations in travel extensively in recent months. A ride-sharing app is now bringing a modern technological edge to the traditional practice of hitch-hiking.

By its very name, Hitch pays tribute to the old methods of hitch-hiking. They sought to modernise such elements through innovative technology. They aim to make the long distance ride-sharing experience seamless and enjoyable to both the rider and the driver. Riders simply check into the app and look for an available driver. They meet at a pickup location, usually a Starbucks or similar. Riders only need to book their rides 45 minutes to an hour before the driver’s arrival.

In comparison to other ride-sharing services, Hitch drivers do not drop off customers at individual locations. Drivers will ideally already be travelling to the destination city and then select an ideal drop-off point for everyone in the car. If the driver so chooses, they can drop off riders at individual locations when convenient. This way, the driver can benefit financially off a drive they would do anyway. This blends with their aim to make the process easier for both sides.

The app is available to download on iOS and Android. Hitch has already initiated a soft launch and the team is putting it through operational tests. The company is starting with 25 USD rides from Austin to Houston, but the goal is to expand out into other major cities in Texas.



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