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Multi-functional backpacks for modern (wo)men in the US: a designer's dream waiting to be copied world-wide.

Multi-functional backpacks for modern (wo)men

Someone had to come up with this sooner or later: a very cool, multi-functional backpack for modern (wo)man, who nowadays possesses phones, cameras, batteries, laptops, PDA’s, MP3 players, disks, headphones, cords… RoadWired‘s ‘Pod’ has more than twenty compartments, a ‘secret pocket’, it opens up from all angles, and looks good too. As it is only sold in the US right now, Springwise is tempted to apply for ‘Rest of the World’ dealership. But we’re too busy scanning the world for more new business ideas, so be our guest! Be quick though, the copy-maestros of mainland China may soon bring out their ‘own’ versions, especially now that some Pod models are already temporarily sold out, according to the official website!


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