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Roadside toolkits for women

Mobility & Transport

After years of being ignored, female drivers are finally getting recognized by the auto industry as an important part of the market. What could make more sense, then, than an emerging market for women-specific automotive tools? The Pink Toolbox Co. packs its GBP 24.99 Pink Car Kit with essential emergency supplies such as jump leads, mobile charger and hammer—all in girly-girl pink. (Springwise isn’t a big fan of pinkwashing, but we’ll put our personal feelings aside.) California-based Safety Girl, meanwhile, offers the more whimsical USD 29.95 Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit, which includes breath freshener, lip balm and chocolate as well as utilitarian items such as an emergency blanket and instructions for changing a flat tire. British Love My Car, on the other hand, offers an interesting variation on the theme by zeroing in on young women driving their very first car. Four kit options are available with such useful “Make Me Safer” tools as a safety hammer with built-in torch, phone charger, UK map book and de-icer. Prices range from GBP 24.75 to GBP 55. We’ve already written about DIY home-repair kits for women, and the opportunities surely abound to bring female-friendly alternatives to other areas traditionally dominated by men. Female fever could be contagious 😉 Related: Going after female drivers. Websites: Contacts: Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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