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Robot designed to keep the elderly company

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A robot companion is being developed to help elderly people stay active and social.

Robotics are enabling innovations in a variety of industries, from a robot restaurant server to a robot fish that tests water pH levels. A new robotic innovation, called ElliQ, is targeted at assisting elderly people with their needs.

ElliQ is a robot companion for older adults who require help with completing their day-to-day needs. Its purpose is to ensure the elderly are engaging in activity, staying social and looking after themselves. For instance, ElliQ will remind users to take their medication or socialise with family and friends. Keeping their target audience of older users in mind, ElliQ allows older users to use technology with ease. It can respond to requests such as managing a calendar, sending and receiving messages and playing music and videos. Its voice activation makes apps and devices accessible without hassle. Furthermore, ElliQ enables family members to check in on users. However, this feature is optional. By engaging with users and keeping them active, ElliQ is empowering older people and helping reduce loneliness.

The creators of ElliQ are Israeli startup Intuition Robotics built the robot using Artificial Intelligence cognitive computing technology. Using AI algorithms, the robot will adapt to the needs of each user over time and be able to anticipate their needs. The robot’s design is not humanoid unlike other social robots; it consists of a rotating head, a tablet and cameras. Light, images, body language, speech and sounds enable ElliQ to communicate with users.

ElliQ is still in development but its creators plan to launch it later this year. The company also plans that in the future ElliQ will smartly adapt to the changing needs of users as they grow older. What other industries or groups of people can robotics assist to create better experiences?




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