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Robot lawyer uses algorithms to protect your personal data

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This algorithmic personal data agent could help users take back control of their personal data online.

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80 percent of Europeans share their data with Paypal, Google, and Amazon as part of using their services. In so doing, this data is then collectively shared with over 1000 further companies by these initial three. Taking back control of your data yourself is therefore a lengthy legal process, involving complicated user agreement policies. Now Yo-Da, an algorithmic personal data agent, is here to make the process easier and more transparent for consumers.

Yo-Da’s name comes from Your Data and that is ultimately what their focus is on. Their system can identify which companies are storing data about users and automatically exercise their data rights as of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) across all companies with one click. These cover all eight consumer rights, including the right to be forgotten and the right to restrict processing of personal data.

In practice, this means consumers can opt out of direct marketing messages across email, text, or phone, for example. Personal data also never touches the Yo-Da servers. This means they do not see any consumer information themselves, heightening the emphasis on personal data security.

Co-founder Benjamin A. Falk told Springwise: “We think that in a world where artificial intelligence is ubiquitous, data is power, and so we are empowering consumers… Businesses treat your data as their asset. Why not make it yours again by exercising your rights?”

It is free for users for the first month, where a data health check takes place. Users provide access to three primary accounts: email, social media, and a bank account. This information helps to identify which organisations across Europe are storing information about you and exercise your data rights accordingly. To continue using the full service from then on, the cost is 5 GBP a month. Yo-Da is one of the 200 startups presenting their technology at TechDay London on 26 October 2018.

Springwise has seen awareness of personal data usage through various innovations recently, such as this app that takes back control of personal data. An interactive exhibition also sought to expose the dangers of increased use of AI with regard to personal information.

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