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This robot will make a perfect infused coffee, tea or cocktail

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Bkon's Craft Brewer offers the choice of over 200 recipes for automatically-created flavored coffees, teas and cocktails.

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Electric drip brew coffee machines have been around for decades, and although they’re not renowned for their taste we have seen recent innovations like The Briggo attempt to recreate barista-style coffee automatically. While that device can handle a variety of coffee styles, a new machine called the Craft Brewer now offers the choice of over 200 recipes for automatically-created flavored coffees, teas and cocktails.

Created by BKON, the device acts primarily as an infusion machine, using the company’s patented “Reverse Atmospheric INfusion”, or RAIN technology. The system creates a pressured vacuum environment that extracts the optimal flavor from tea leaves, coffee grinds, and any other ingredient. Instead of relying on water temperature and brew time — which are typically not accurately measured — the Craft Brewer offers a greater control over how the ingredients are mixed, enabling users to create more consistent brews and mixes. As well as creating hot drinks, the same process can be used to perfectly mix cocktails and bring out the flavors of each ingredient, and the machine remembers up to 200 recipes. Each brew typically takes just one minute to create, and the chamber self-cleans after each creation.

Designed for businesses who want a speedy turnaround coupled with a consistency of product, the Craft Brewer is currently in use at select bars and cafes in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago. Could a similar device be developed for home use?



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