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Robotic arm for the consumer market

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Carbon Robotics presents a modular robotic arm that has a hackable API, and can be trained for a wide range of uses.

Robotics is gradually moving into the area of homes, and we have seen bots that are able to renovate houses and reconfigure rooms. Now, Carbon Robotics are bringing the functionality of robotic arms to the consumer market.

The Katia (Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm) features a modular head capable of performing a variety of tasks, and the team has showcased 3D printing and laser cutting functionalities. Users can also train the arm to perform pick and drop tasks by guiding it through the required motion, and its machine-learning hand will remember the routine. They could also apply drawing or writing operations using an app — the Katia has shown off its ability to decorate a cake. An open source API supported by the Snapdragon processor will allow users to add layers of programming to Katia. The robotic arm will be available for preorder soon with an expected retail price of USD 1999.

As with all advances in robotics automation, the Katia could provide valuable assistance to less abled users. Could these arms find a place in the service industry?



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