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Robotic furniture for tiny living

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A startup uses robotic interiors to expand the living space, giving users more space to live, work and entertain

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Spotted: A MIT research project that uses robotics to make small spaces more liveable, has inspired a shape-shifting, expandable walk-in closet. Dubbed the Ori Closet, the innovation emerged from the CityHome research project. CityHome is a 200-square foot apartment that expands with the wave of the hand, to provide triple the usable footprint. It is just one of the many innovations that aim to make more use out of limited space. For example, an AI-based storage system makes use of ceiling space and a QR code wallpaper creates a virtual bookcase.

CityHome lead researcher, Hasier Larrea, founded Ori to commercialise the technology developed for CityHome. Ori has developed three automated closet projects, and the first is the Ori Pocket Closet, which includes storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories. When closed, the closet can also turn into a desk, media console or bookshelf.

The second closet is the Ori Studio Suite. This transforms a studio apartment into a bedroom, office, full-size living room or walk-in-closet, all on-demand. The Studio Suite has already been installed in more than 20 buildings across the US. The third product is the Ori Cloud Bed, which when lowered and raised turns into an integrated dropped ceiling. When raised, it reveals a stylish, modern sofa and coffee table underneath. All of the products can be opened using voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. They can also be opened using the Ori app, or with a built-in control, and have a manual option in case of power outages.



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