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Robot mannequin

Robotic mannequin adapts to different body shapes


Designers can save space with life-size robot mannequin which can be programmed to take on any size

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We have recently seen innovations in the fashion industry aiming to facilitate consumers purchases, for example the virtual fitting room allowing customers to see how an item of clothing would appear, and the artificial intelligence tool used to suggest outfits to clients.  Now, the French company Euveka wants to make the lives of fashion designers easier with their unique robot mannequin.

The Euveka smart mannequin allows the designers to decide the exact body type they want their mannequin to have. The mannequin uses mechatronic, IT and material technology to replicate, through bio-mimicry, a whole host of different body types. Users can specify details from size, shape, age, geographic origin and illness when programming their mannequin.

Designers input their desired requirements into the mannequin’s accompanying app, and within half a minute or so it shape-shifts into the chosen shape, allowing designers to obtain the correct measurements every time with minimal effort.

The product also features an intuitive remote-control system used to operate these cutting edge mannequins. A finalist of the 2017 innovation award at Andam Fashion Award Paris, the company has one model currently available, with two more products soon to be offered. In their own words, the company seeks to use this fashion tech to put the user back into the heart of the design process and make life easier.

It will be interesting to see how this unique product might affect the fashion industry. How else might life be made easier for fashion designers? And how might this innovative technology be put to use in other sectors?




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