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Robotic priest offers digitalized blessings to the public


The robot features a head, two arms and a light and is part of an exhibition at the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, Germany.

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Artificial intelligence has taken a new form in BlessU-2, a robotic priest that offers digitalized blessings to the public. The robot, which has a head, two arms and a light, interacts with visitors through a display screen much like a banking machine, allowing users to choose a language, whether they prefer a male or female voice, and if they would like an encouraging blessing or a renewal-style encounter. The blessing can also be printed on paper for later reflection.

e robot priest is part of an exhibition at the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau in the German town of Wittenberg, celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation in 1517. The creation, made by robot designer and engineer Alexander Wiedekind-Klein, intends to help people sharpen their theological understanding of blessings and trial the mix of religion and artificial intelligence.

Other innovative and strange robot uses include the AI robot that was appointed creative director at a Japanese company, and a robotic food critic that judged Thai food. What would you use a robot for, if you could have your own?




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