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Robotic prosthetic gives users a double-hand

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The device is created by 3D printing, literally offering users an extra hand to complete their day-to-day tasks.

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Once the work of fiction and now very much with the current times, robotic innovations are entering the market in leaps and bounds of late. From the robotic hand that can read sign language, to the bionic smart glove that boosts hand efficiency for the less able, its role in assisting those in need is having an impact on the way people can live their lives.

Have you ever said you need an extra hand to get a job done? Youbionic could have the answer, with its double-hand wearable robotic prosthetic that aims to create the ‘augmented human’. The device, which costs EUR 1,799, is created with 3D printing and can be aesthetically modified to the user’s taste. Each finger is stand-alone and has been designed to be part of alternative configurations, so can grip and pick up objects with super-human strength. Its uses also include added assistance with everyday exercise, tightening objects, and interacting with surroundings like a human hand.

The device fits over the hand much like a glove, with the double-hand offering extending above the wearer’s own hand. The double hands are fixed on to a metal plate and are controlled by flex sensors on the human operator’s fingers. Its creators hope it will make a ‘native human into an augmented human’, amplifying an individual’s ability. How could the double-hand be productive in your business operation?




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