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Roving bike repair station can be found via GPS

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In the state of Minnesota, the GPS Tune-up Bike is a roving service station that cyclists can find through their smartphone.

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Bike stations – buildings where cyclists can store, maintain or repair their two-wheelers for a subscription fee – have popped up in various locations across the world in the last few years. Now the state of Minnesota is trying something different, with its GPS Tune-up Bike – a roving service station that cyclists can find through their smartphone.

Developed by advertising agency Colle + McVoy for Pedal Minnesota – a state initiative designed to get more residents cycling – the service consists of a bike and trailer that is loaded with equipment that can help out cyclists who need to pump up their tyres, adjust their seat or fix their brakes. The station roamed the state’s popular cycling paths and trails offering free help throughout the summer. Those in need could use their smartphones to find out the exact location of the Tune-up Bike via GPS. The video below offers a demonstration of the service:


The GPS Tune-up Bike offered cyclists help and advice when and where they needed it most. Are there other services that could be made more mobile to help customers in remote locations?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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