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There’s no doubt content is king in today’s world of new media; what’s less clear is how to get it. offers website owners, ad agencies and others an affordable way to buy the full rights to original, relevant and professionally written content for their sites. Back in 2006 we wrote about ScooptWords, which allows bloggers to sell their work, and sites like ConstantContent also focus on connecting writers with buyers. In most cases, however, purchases are for limited use and limited rights to the content., on the other hand, is more like iStockphoto in that buyers get full rights to all the content they purchase, including the right to change it or resell it royalty-free. Hundreds of freelance writers contribute articles to the site of every length and on a multitude of topics, indicating for each the price they’d like to be paid. Content in the “Bargain Bin” costs less than USD 15, and there is also a small selection of free articles available. To ensure maximum value of all content for buyers’ search-engine optimization (SEO) purposes, verifies its originality using Copyscape, and its editors approve the quality before posting. Publicly viewable articles on the site are even scrambled to prevent the content from being indexed by search engines. Virginia-based was founded last fall, and so far it seems to be the only such site focused exclusively on full-rights ownership. One to emulate in the niche of your choice? Spotted by: Gavin Powell



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