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Rubber hand alarm clock is a rude awakening

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The Wake Up Machine by entrepreneur Simone Giertz will wake sleepers up with a slap in the face.

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For many of us, waking up is one of life’s more difficult daily obstacles. We have seen everything from death threats, vibrators, and fragrance help sleepy heads face the dreaded chore. Now Swedish entrepreneur Simone Giertz has launched a line of rubber hand alarm clocks that will wake users up with slaps in the face.

The Wake Up Machine is built with a simple Arduino Uno board, which connects to a motor. The motor is attached to a rubber arm and activated by an alarm clock. When it is time to wake up, the motor will cause the arm to rotate ferociously, slapping the sleeper in the face over and over until they get up.

What other ways can alarm clocks be adapted and help users get up?


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